ATELIER AM is a nomadic artist residency in Almere. AM invites international and innovative artists who just started their career for a working period in the city Almere. They get the opportunity to experiment and to professionalise. AM encourages and supports these artists in the early stages of their artistic practice by giving them space, time, a network and (practical) support, in a crucial moment shortly after graduating from the academy.

AM creates exhibition programmes together with these artists and cultural partners from Almere. The exchange between the artists, the city and her citizens are leading. During these programmes the artists offer an insight in their creating process and develop new work for the eyes of the public.

The exhibition programme DE KWEKERIJ (The Plant Nursery) is realised in co-production with Corrosia from spring until autumn of 2022 and in collaboration with Land Art Flevoland, M. and StrandLAB.


The history of Almere which is a 45 years young ‘drawing board city’ goes back beyond the emerging of the city. Since the eighteenth century people have fished with ‘botters’, special old Dutch fishing ships, at the former Zuiderzee. These ships were always named after the city of origin. The one and only botter which is owned by Almere was originally built in the city of Huizen in 1890 and was called HZ40. The ship was renamed AM1 after the purchase by the municipality of Almere in 2002. For us, this name refers to the way Almere deals with the former landscape in which she is developed, the Zuiderzee. Something completely new has been created on the reclaimed land. At the same time a connection is made with the existing. Thus, the name of the foundation, AM, carries a history which is in a sense ‘borrowed’ and which symbolises the search of a young city for her own identity on the fertile soil.

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